Jermay's Almanac


"Jermay’s Almanac" is a brand new way for Jermay to share his most creative, cutting edge tricks, routines and concepts with professional mentalists around the world that will be launched in the Autumn of 2018.  "Jermay’s Almanac" Members receive exclusive access to ongoing monthly downloadable collections of tricks, routines and interviews.  Membership is the only way to gain access to these astonishing collections of contemporary mentalism. The material included with membership is exclusive to this monthly program and will never be available anywhere else, in any form, ever. Each and every month members receive three training packages.  An in-depth instructional ebook, a detailed training video download and an insightful MP3 audio interview.   


The eBook Download

Each month members receive a professional contemporary mentalism routine direct from Jermay’s repertoire described in full detail, including Jermay’s exact word for word script in a professionally edited and designed downloadable instructional PDF document.


The Audio Download

Members also receive an exclusive ‘Masterclass Interview’ in which Jermay chats to the brightest and best in mentalism.  Learn from the likes of Michael Weber, Max Maven, Marc Paul, Jon Stetson, Marco Fida and many more in these insightful conversations.


The Video Download

Members also receive an exclusive downloadable training video each month in an ongoing series titled ‘Psychic At The Card Table’ in which Jermay performs and explains in detail a hard hitting mentalism routine utilising playing cards.

Each month on the 13th day members receive a email containing a reminder that it is time for them to log into their account at the official website for Jermay's Almanac and download their exclusive materials.  A full years worth of Jermay’s Almanac’s are already completely finished and ready for delivery.  No time delays will occur.  We are ready to get these out and into the hands of the smartest mentalists in the world.  We have already begun work on a second collection for 2019!  

Jermay’s Almanac is priced at £50.00 per month. Membership billing is offered in two forms. The first payment plan is a reoccurring monthly payment of £50.00. The second payment plan is a one time payment for a year long membership.  By using the one time payment plan you receive a £100.00 discount on the yearly cost of membership.  Sign up below to be the very first to know when memberships are available and when Jermay's Almanac is launched!