Written by Luke Jermay.  Directed by T.W

“Locked inside your mind are amazing abilities waiting to be liberated.  You are more powerful than you can imagine.  I invite you on a remarkable hypnoticjourney to discover your strange power.” - Luke Jermay

Psychic Entertainer and Master Hypnotist Luke Jermay returns to the stage after his acclaimed 2015 U.K Tour ‘Sixth Sense’ with a brand new stage show; ‘Jermay - Hypnotic.’  

Jermay; the man they call the ‘Miracle Maker’ invites you to spend a perception shattering evening expanding your own intuitive potential through the transformational mystery of hypnosis and waking suggestion.  Jermay will be your personal tour guide on an adventure into the deepest regions of your mind unlocking astonishing talents and intuitive abilities along the way.  

‘Jermay - Hypnotic’ is a tour de force of jaw dropping hypnosis and mind mysteries certain to amaze, flabbergast and confound. Unlike other hypnotism shows, willing participants will leave entranced, empowered and amazed; not clucking like a chicken.