Making Miracles


“Jermay’s ‘Making Miracles’ is the best seminar I have ever attended! In the past I have grown tired of people teaching trick after trick after trick. Jermay’s ‘Making Miracles’ seminar gave me the tools to make the tricks and act I already perform 5 times more powerful and meaningful for both the audience and myself. Highly recommended!” - Iain Bailey

"If you're prepared to go beyond the tricks and understand what really creates impact on people with your performances of magic or mentalism there are few who can share such a deep understanding of theme, concept and character as Luke Jermay. In his ‘Making Miracles’ workshop, Jermay shares lessons he has learned from his personal quest to understand the art of mystery and has formulated his discoveries in to practical steps that can be taken by mere mortals to transform their tricks in to magical experiences.” - Ken Dyne 

“The ‘Making Miracles’ workshop was the most valuable piece of training in magic/mentalism I've ever purchased in the last 13 years of my involvement within the Art. I cannot begin to tell you how effective it was. I'll now be able to turn my show on its head! Best of all make it completely original, new and meaningful.  It was a masterclass and Luke emptied his brain in front of us. He gave us whatever we asked for and more. In short it was the best training I've ever attended”  - Shaheer Khan

“Deep dive or what! Luke Jermay’s ‘Making Miracles’ was one of the most thought provoking days of my life! Systems and tools to analyse and make positive change were covered in detail. A no holds barred exchange of all that is important shared over a very long day; that just flew by.  22 years of my study has been turned on its head, I am glad I went or I would have spent another 22 years not maximising my potential. I’m in your debt Luke!” - Steve Lobley

“If you take your performance seriously and want to create believability I urge you to attend.  Luke explains many things during the day but key to it is understanding the origins of where your performance role comes from, who you are.  Once this is established he then helps you understand how to create script and even a full show theme.  I am already creating better script and looking at how I want my next show to look and feel.  There is a reason Luke is hired by some of the biggest names in our industry, put simply he has lived “the show” all his life.” - John Morton