Vibrations Reviews

“In a nut shell, Luke has produced a Masterpiece. I love psychometry. Very few mentalists seem to understand it's full potential. Luke has produced the road map for today's modern mentalist to reach its potential and to engage an audience like never before.  Luke truly has his fingers on the pulse of 21st century audiences and knows how to capture the mind share and heart share ofpeople living in this crazy high tech world.  Psychometry and Q+A are the highlights of my "Ladies Only Psychic Party" programs. If last month someone would have bet me that I would make a major change in my routine, I would have taken the bet and lost. I will be immediately be incorporating ideas from "Vibrations" in my program.


Luke realises he stands on the shoulders of giants. He has not taken any shortcuts to becoming one of the worlds foremost authorities on the history of mentalism.  He takes everything from the past, sorts, sifts and separates to create a fantastic piece of work. The only criticism I have is that it's grossly underpriced. Not that I don't want it in the hands of others, on the contrary, I want every one in the Mentalism world to read "Vibrations".  I just want all to realise it's true value.  Even if you have no desire to perform psychometry . This is a must read for all mentalists (and magicians as well)! -

Jon Stetson

“Very seldom in the life of a mentalist one stumbles across an effect which has the potential to start a religious cult. Vibrations is definitely in that category. Absolutely mind blowing.  Jermay’s Sensational Psychometry’ technique is simply brilliant. I can't wait to perform it.  I can see standing ovations in my future shows. Thank you Luke Jermay!” - Lars Ruth

“We are rarely astonished and excited when studying ‘modern’ approaches to classics in general and especially to readings these days. This is because more often than not we feel things are rather worsened by the claimed improvement.

But then again there are those rare occasions when we are lucky enough to get our hands on a manuscript, that deals with its topic so insightfully, profoundly, sensitively and respectfully concerning its classic precursors, that we can only bow our heads to the brilliant mind that came up with it.

Luke Jermay’s ‘Vibrations’ manuscript is such a rare occasion. While essentially ‘merely’ combining widely known methods and ideas (many of which explored in-depth beforehand by Luke himself), his emphasis, the profundity of his creation and the mood he generates lifts this work up and beyond of most other manuscripts that we can read these days.  You realise the sensitive, emphatic and deep-read practitioner on each page and the routine’s methodical and didactical processing is in an exemplary manner. More than that, Luke is even able to generate a vivid image of the actual performance in your minds!

What impressed us massively apart from all this was Luke’s ability to teach the thinking and the structure behind the routine … and the reasons for this structure! Studying those deliberations, you’ll get so much more than a ‘Psychometry routine blended with readings’. You’ll get a universal tool that can (and should) be applied to essentially all of your routines to make them stronger on so many levels.

We know that this label is worn thin – but we genuinely think that ‘Vibrations’ is a true master piece. If you know us at least a little bit you will know as well that we are not inflationary with appraisals and recommendations. But this one deserves all appreciation that we are able to give. Thank you, Luke, for this!”Rainer Mees, Thomas Heine - ParaLabs

"Luke Jermay alway release real work material and this latest release is probably is greatest work to date! He completely re-worked the psychometry routine adding very clever principle togehter creating a full mystyfing act. This is something that will go straight in my repertoire!"

- Luca Volpe