JERMAY - SIXTH SENSE SHOW PREVIEW "Jermay is the Devil, pure and simple...he is spookily accurate, which left us wondering whether to applaud or run screaming in terror...anyone interested in mind reading, mysticism or simply a bloody fun bit of theatre should see Sixth Sense right now." - The Void

JERMAY SIXTH SENSE AUDIENCE REVIEWS: Audience Member reactions and reviews.

Jermay talks about his open prediction project @JermayPredicts where he has made over 500 staggeringly accurate predictions in less than 2 years.

BOOTLEG FOOTAGE! THE AUDIENCE IS ASKED TO FOCUS ON A PERSONAL QUESTION... This is what happens next. A short video recorded by an audience member of my work in progress show on Jan 30th in London.

JERMAY PREDICTS! Tomorrows Headlines Today! A video shot live in studio of Jermay's recent visit to ForthOne Radio to talk about his show at the Edinburgh Magic Festival.

BOOTLEG FOOTAGE! Another quick clip filmed by an audience member during a work in progress performance in London; Jan; 30th. Are you an animal person? This girl isn't sure...

Unexpected Psychic Connection Jermay always says that telepathy and mind reading are not exact sciences. We think that is a good thing! If they were we would not get to see awesome unexpected connections like the one in this video. No actors or stooges are used in Luke Jermay's performances.

July 4th - we saw the media ablaze with reports of 'the boob bomber' with international news being made with explosives hidden inside of breast implants. This short video shows a recording made by ForthOne Radio on July 1st during the breakfast show; broadcast live to Scotland featuring Jermay making his verbal prediction of this future event. Less than a week (exactly as Jermay predicts) the story made international headlines. For future forecasts follow @JermayPredicts on Twitter
A video capturing some moments from Luke Jermay - Sixth Sense performance at Leeds University in 2013. Performer - Luke Jermay. Camera/Editor - Charlie Bury. Music - David O'Brien (Music licensed by Audio Network). For more information:

BOOTLEG FOOTAGE! Showcasing the power of the subconscious mind. Filmed by an audience member at a Private Dinner Party in London, England.

BOOTLEG FOOTAGE! ESP Testing - Luke Jermay taking the benchmark test for E.S.P. Filmed by an audience member at a Private Dinner Party in London, England.